VFX personal projects

Personal projects

These three videos are small personal projects that I created in my free time to feed my Instagram account. To create them, I used Cinema 4D software with xParticles, After Effects with the Trapcode suite, and Substance Painter for the textures and materials of the 3D environment of the third video.

In this first video, I wanted to reproduce a special effect that fascinated me in the Chapelwaite series.

In the next, I wanted to create a dimensional portal effect.

In this third video, I wanted to create a holographic map effect in a 3D futuristic base created during another personal project.

I made this video below to try my hands at xParticles on Cinema 4D. I used Redshift rendering engine, took approximately only 2 minutes per frame (1080p) on one RTX 2080 ti with GI and sub surface scattering.

Other projects